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for all kinds of writers

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What is a structured writing retreat?

A structured retreat uses specific start and stop times for writing, as well as set times for writing warm-ups and discussion, and breaks for food, relaxation and exercise.

A facilitator maintains the timings, and provides support for all your writing challenges.

The structured retreat model has been pioneered and developed by Professor Rowena Murray in the UK for the past 15 years.


Who's it for?

It’s for everyone who wants to get some writing done!

The structured retreat can work for any kind of writing project, and any kind of writer — including academics, researchers, students, bloggers, journalists, creative writers, marketers, teachers, business writers, and more.

For more about the connection between structured writing retreats and academic writers (including references!) see our university page.


Does the writing have to be in english?

Not at all. The facilitation language will be in English, but writing projects can be any language. So far we’ve had participants writing in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Dutch…


Do I have to show my writing to anyone?

No! If you decide to share it with the facilitator or another participant, that’s fine. But there is no expectation or requirement for sharing.


How long is a retreat?

The retreats run for 1 evening and 2 full days. This gives enough time to really focus on a writing project — and you might be surprised by what you can achieve in this time!


Do I have to book accommodation?

That’s up to you! You can choose to stay at the retreat venue for full immersion, or you can commute each day. The Helsinki venues are accessible by public and private transport.


What else happens besides writing at the retreat?

The retreat includes time for breaks, great food, relaxation and yoga.

There are also group activities in the evening that you can join. For example, you can team up with other retreat participants to play an ‘escape room’ game, relax Finnish-style in the sauna, or just enjoy great dinner and conversation.


Can I promote my product/company to retreat participants?

If your product, service or company seems like a good fit, then sure! We have different promotion packages to choose from, or contact us to tailor a package just for you.


Do you run private retreats?

Yes! We can arrange private retreats for your group of friends or colleagues — in Helsinki or beyond! Contact to talk about what you need.


If you’ve got other questions, ask at, or send a message on Facebook.