Introducing our new facilitator!

Jess Kelley (2017)  photo credit:  Manka Photography

Jess Kelley (2017)

photo credit: Manka Photography

Our first writing retreat in Helsinki was led by Professor Rowena Murray, who pioneered the retreat model in the UK and has been developing it for the past 15 years.

Future Helsinki retreats will be led by our new facilitator, who adds training with Rowena to her own already impressive credits…

Jess Kelley AE is a highly accomplished, Helsinki-based editor and language advisor with 15 years of experience working across a broad range of industries. She holds accreditation from the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia) and a coaching certification from Genius Coaching (USA). She is an active member of various associations for language professionals around the world.

After securing her first editing position at the age of 17, Jess became chief editor for the journal of Mensa Australia — a position which became the perfect testing ground for working with people with exceptionally high standards. Since then, her varied career has seen her work for private direct clients, multinational companies and everyone in between.

A few of her notable roles include naturalising translations for a Michelin-starred chef; acting as a language advisor for Warner Brothers Australia’s upcoming TV show Child Genius; coaching a 10-year-old to develop his written expression; and mentoring startups to improve all aspects of their communication. 

Drawing on her wealth of experience with university students, professional authors, celebrity clients, the corporate world and beyond, Jess is a versatile language advisor who takes pride in being able to provide support and education to suit the diverse needs of her clients.

Learn more about Jess and her other projects at

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