Writing Asylum: here's what happened

The first Helsinki Writing Asylum day went down a treat yesterday!

Twenty writers arrived, most not really sure what to expect from the day... Some were working their own writing projects — a few theses, some client briefs, a couple of creative novels, a book about IT and coding, a screenplay, some personal essays, and more.

Others practiced their writing with exercises provided by the facilitator, Jess Kelley. In each writing session a new exercise was set; they all connected by the end of the day.


Between writing sessions, participants stretched away their physical and mental stresses with a lunchtime yoga session led by instructor Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen.

The yoga seemed to loosen tongues as well as limbs, and the conversation at lunch and during the coffee break was bubbling! Back in the writing room, Jess led group discussions tackling the challenges of writing, and provided 1-on-1 support to individual writers as needed.

By the end of the day, the room was buzzing with both pride and surprise at how much had been accomplished. Thousands of words written, projects pushed forward, other projects completed, new tips and strategies for writing, and a solid sense of fulfilment.

The last writing event for 2018 is the 2,5 day writing retreat on 21–23 November. Early-bird registrations end next Wednesday, on 31.10.

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