Don't wait for time and inspiration — make it!

Is writing part of what you do for a living? Maybe you’re a researcher or scholar, working on your thesis, a creative writer or journalist, blogger or author? 

At some point you have probably experienced writer’s block — staring at a blank document with no idea what to write or where to start. Inspiration doesn’t always strike when you need it!

If it’s not inspiration causing trouble, it’s a lack of time. Whether you’ve got other work to deal with, or a family to look after, or studies to continue, you might not have much spare time to dive into getting those papers, articles or chapters done. Writing can be hard to prioritise!

Don't let the process of writing stop being exciting and creative! 
If writing feels like a chore, or leaves you stressed and overwhelmed, then it's time for a change.

Imagine having a few days just to work on your current writing project, surrounded by other people doing the same. Nothing else is demanding your time; you sit together and write. No internet, no checking sources, no getting distracted with minor details. Just getting thoughts down on paper.

The regular breaks can be used for discussing with other writers about their work and getting advice from the expert facilitator to overcome writer’s block or overwhelming feelings — or go for a stroll on the beach to clear your mind, sit in the garden for a zen moment, or borrow a bicycle from the venue and go for a ride through the surrounding forest.

This is what a structured writing retreat is about. It’s a refuge from all the noise and responsibilities to write. Allow yourself to be present in one place with the sole purpose of writing. It makes a difference!

In the end you will leave with a whole lot of writing done, and some new tools and ideas to take with you on how to make room for writing, and make the most of the time you have. 

If you can’t wait for inspiration to strike or feel you never have enough time for your writing, then take charge and make a change — join the Helsinki Writing Retreat.

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