Rowena Murray interview with Changing Academic Life

Pop the headphones on and listen to Rowena Murray's recent interview with Changing Academic Life.

In this conversation Rowena talks about writing retreats for both the importance of learning behaviours around how to write, and for the value of the academic friendships that arise from such writing groups.

She also talks about the challenges of being a woman professor dealing with unremitting criticism and undermining, and in having to fight for academic writing as a legitimate research topic in its own right.

And she gives very practical advice for creating the support you need to deal with this and how to care for yourself in the process.



01:30 Rowena’s background, learning about writing and starting writing retreats and workshops

08:00 Teaching writing as being about behavior change, how writing retreats help, creating the retreat environment, and the importance of the social aspects

18:15 Practical strategies and SMART goal setting for writing

34:05 The personal/career challenges finding a place in the academic infrastructure, the long path to becoming a professor of academic writing, and the importance of her writing group as support

46:00 Why there are more women at writing retreats

49:00 Discriminations faced by female professors, and advice to younger women

58:25 Rowena’s various self-care practices

1:02:00 Final thoughts on the importance of special intellectual friendships


This interview originally posted at Changing Academic Life. See the full material, including detailed overview and related links.