Eat right to eat, write

What we put into our body has a huge effect on what we can output.

At HWR events, it’s important to us to have healthy food that will stimulate the mind, rather than send us to an afternoon nap.

We’ve worked with a nutritionist to select ingredients to create delicious and nutritious lunches and snacks. But you don’t need to wait for a retreat to boost your brain power!

Check out the list of ingredients for cognitive enhancement, along with some sample recipes. 

If you make something that fits the HWR spirit, send us a photo or tag us on Instagram! @helsinkiwritingretreat

Meet the HWR nutritionist


Emma Aho graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, Canada with First Class Honours in 2016.

Her passion in all things nutrition-related started when she became vegetarian at the age of twelve. This encouraged her to start exploring the world of cooking. It was this passion, combined with an interest in health and fitness, that led her to study nutrition and make it her profession. Now she runs her private practise, as well as having worked in the supplement industry.

Emma uses a holistic approach when working with her clients, taking into account many different factors to tailor a personalized plan of action. She encourages her clients to thrive by implementing simple and attainable steps towards their health goals through one-on-one consultations. Although every plan or program created is unique to the individual, her focus lies on blood sugar regulation, stress management, digestive wellness and cognitive enhancement.

Originally from Finland, Emma was raised in the Netherlands and Hong Kong and is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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