Helsinki Writing Retreat

writer Reviews

I feel very positive about my experience and am excited to see how I can go forward with this writing project now that I have the tools! Thank you!
— August 2018 participant

What did you achieve during the retreat?

  • I rewrote one draft of a scientific paper, edited two for submission and wrote a short essay.
  • The structure of the book!
  • I accomplished my writing goals.
  • Scheduling and planning of writing project ideas.
  • I wrote a lot — about 9,000 words in fact.

— August 2018 retreat participants


What surprised you about the retreat?

  • How nice the location was.
  • How productive I was!
  • My productivity and ability to concentrate on writing.
  • The good group of people and the easy techniques that I haven't thought of before.
  • The diversity of people's projects.

— August 2018 retreat participants

Writing retreats saved my PhD.
— Johanne
My first retreat was a ‘make or break’ moment — it turned my world around and I realised I could actually get a lot of work done in a short time.
— Caroline
I’ve had such a good time at this retreat. I’ve been able to concentrate on my writing in a way that I just cannot get to do anywhere else.
— Claire